The work programme is divided into 7 work packages.

WP1. Management

This Work Package will include all the activities related to project management and development monitoring, partnership coordination, communication and reporting. The coordinator and the partners will monitor and review the progress of the work carried out at regular intervals.

The Work Package leader is AINIA.

WP2. Quality and evaluation
A set of activities, procedures, organisations and methodologies will be used during the project to support quality management. The minimum quality required to successfully carry out the project will be stated. An external evaluator subcontracted will collaborate with the Consortium in this Work Package.
The Work Package leader is IBA Bucharest.

WP3. Training needs analysis

This work package is will explore and identify the major needs affecting European food SMEs related to sensory and consumer disciplines involved in innovation processes. Knowledge about training contents and further training conditions will be explored (e-learning preferences, duration and structure of the course, interaction between participants). Tasks include individual interviews with professionals of the food SME sector as well as a more quantitative study by means of an on-line questionnaire.

The Work Package leader is SSICA.

WP4. Development of training course

This Work Package will be based on input from the analysis of needs in WP3. The aim with this Work Package is the development of the structure of the course, the training content and the interactive e-learning platform.

Diagram summarizing the sensory and consumer research tools in the process of product development

The course will consist of a combination of theoretical lectures, case studies, video sessions, interactive training tasks and self-evaluations.

The Work Package leader is UCPH.

WP5. Pilot study and evaluation of training program

The developed e-learning course will be piloted by means of personnel from 10 SME’s from each country.

All partners will contribute by running the program in their respective country and being responsible for the follow-up on those SME participants. The impact of the course will be analysed in relation to the development of consumer and sensory capabilities of SME’s participants. Additionally, participant’s ideas on how to even further improve the e-learning program will be collected.

The Work Package leader is SIK.


WP6. Dissemination

Dissemination and visibility activities are of key importance in the project. The dissemination of the project will be scheduled and planned in relation to the stakeholders of the project and their interests.

The Work Package leader is AINIA.

WP7. Exploitation

After the project lifetime, the main task will be the valorisation of the project in order to make best use of the obtained piloted e-learning training course. An exploitation plan will be developed. One of the main ways of exploitation will be commercialization of the product.

The Work Package leader is AINIA.


INNSENS PROJECT - Innovation through the consumer and sensory sciences
Lifelong learning programme