Project title :Training in Innovation through the Consumer and Sensory Sciences
Programme: Lifelong Learning Programm, centralized
Project coordinator: AINIA (Spain), Maria Lorente (, Tel: +34 961 366 090
Partners: AINIA (Spain), IBA (Romania), SIK (Sweden), SSICA (Italy) and UCPH (Denmark)
Keywords: sensory analysis, product development, on-line training, vocational education
Duration:  01/11/2013 – 31/10/2015
Budget: 372.621 € (EU contribution: 75 %)
Contract number: 539506-LLP-1-2013-1-ES-LEONARDO-LMP


INNSENS is a project that consists of the creation of an innovative and efficient learning training program for the Food & Drink SMEs sector related with Sensory Analysis and Consumer Sciences.

Sensory and Consumer Research Sciences have been recognized as key discipline for consumer goods companies, encompassing different tools for guiding and validating the innovation process of product development and making communication and understanding between different areas of the companies easy (production, marketing, R&D).

The Project involves three main steps: exploration of the needs in the Food & Drink SMEs, creation of an on-line course (design, structure, contents, interrelationship between participants and e-platform) and piloting of the e-learning course by means of 50 European SMEs in the Food & Drink sector.

INNSENS, a European Commission funded project, executed in collaboration with 5 European partners, will provide European SMEs with abilities and competencies that will help them in the innovation process by means of vocational and educational training.

INNSENS PROJECT - Innovation through the consumer and sensory sciences
Lifelong learning programme