The general project’s objective is to develop an innovative and efficient e-learning training program with focus on the use of sensory and consumer sciences in the innovation and the process of development of new products.

The main aim under this objective is to improve the innovation capacities and competitiveness of food companies by means of increasing professional’s knowledge and skills in this field.

Further objectives of this project are:

To improve the quality of the performed sensory analysis by means of the introduction of new and more practical sensory and consumer methods for SMEs

To improve the efficiency of the training by means to e-learning as a way to reduce the training efforts of SMEs and increase the cost/benefits of the action

To contribute to vocational training by means of new technologies such as Moodle, by targeting participants’ relationships and by means of visual and attractive, exemplifying and visual contents.

Through this pilot training course to trigger others web based training initiatives in this field at a European level.

To promote the cooperation between R&D, marketing an sensory professionals in the process on food product innovation within SMEs.

INNSENS PROJECT - Innovation through the consumer and sensory sciences
Lifelong learning programme