Participants include own partners, SMEs involved in the project and other SMEs


ainia centro tecnológico  
AINIA is the coordinator of the INNSENS project and manage the Consortium formed by the 5 partners. It supervises that project tasks are performed according to the time schedule and within the estimated budget and acts as the representative of the Consortium with the Agency.

As project partner, AINIA contributes across the different Work Packages of the project, and is in particular responsible for the development of the e-platform for the e-learning training course. Besides, it is responsible for the dissemination and the exploitation of the Work Packages. It contributes to the SMEs needs exploration, course content development and its piloting.

Contact person: María Lorente
Tel.: +34 96 136 60 90


The role of IBA Bucuresti in the INNSENS project is leading the Work Package of Quality and Evaluation and set activities, procedures and methodologies that Consortium partner’s use during the project to support quality management. Moreover, IBA actively contributes to the SME’s needs exploration, course content development and its piloting.

Contact person: Denisa Duta
Tel.: +40 31 620 58 33/34/35

The main role of SIK in the INNSENS project is the piloting and evaluation of the e-learning training course. Prior to the piloting SIK will carry out a pre-piloting of the training course in its own country so that unforeseen problems can be detected.

SIK will coordinate the running of the course in each country and will make an impact evaluation of the course. SIK will also contribute across several tasks of other WPs such as SME’s needs exploration and development of the course.

Contact person: Heléne Widén
Tel.: +46 10 516 66 80

The role of SSICA in the INNSENS project is to lead the analysis of the SMEs training needs. SSICA coordinates the exploration and identification of major needs affecting European SMEs on topics related to consumers and reference markets; essentially the sensory and consumer science research involved in the development of new products processes.

SSICA also contributes actively across other WP of the projects which are the development of the course and its piloting.

Contact person: Sebastiano Porreta
Tel.: +39 521 795 224/277


UCPH’s main role is the development of the actual content of the web-based program (i.e. the course material). The development includes the design of the structure, the creation of theoretical understanding and practical examples content, interactive training tasks and self-evaluations.

Moreover, UCPH actively contributes to the SMEs needs exploration and piloting of the course.

Contact person: Bodil Helene Allesen-Holm
Tel.: +45 35 33 36 58


A minimum of 10 food related SMEs from each participant country will take part in the project.

These SMEs will participate in:

  • Providing information about needs and requirements of the SMEs.
  • Piloting the developed e-learning program course.


INNSENS PROJECT - Innovation through the consumer and sensory sciences
Lifelong learning programme